Laser-Plasma Acceleration Laboratory@GIST

LPAL is endeavoring to make some breakthroughs in a wide variety of laser+plasma physics.
Our research is mainly focused on electron acceleration and production of useful electromagnetic waves such as THz radiation based on the laser-plasma interaction -- an intriguing physical phenomenon that takes place in our laboratory everyday!

Recent news

We have updated our homepage (25 JAN 2018)

We updated our publications and our members.

Graduation ceremony for Yulan. (20 JAN 2018)

Yulan leaves LPAL after 3 years of study. Congrats!

We went Workshop (22-23 JAN 2018)

We went Muju for '2018 Winter Plasma Acceleration Workshop'


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Department of Physics and Photon Science, GIST, Cheomdan-gwagiro 123, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Rep. of KOREA, 500-712

(500-712) 광주광역시 북구 첨단과기로 123 (오룡동 1) 광주과학기술원 물리 광과학과 

TEL. 062)715-2857, 2858  FAX. 062)715-3389

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